Who is Xan?


Whimsical, yet gritty. Urban and original.
Sensible, versatile and resourceful.
We are artisans that take our craft very seriously, but aren’t afraid to laugh.
We are innovators that don’t go down the beaten path. We forge a new path, all our own.
We are listeners, doers, collaborators.

We create unique environments for people. It’s a powerful responsibility. It’s something we regard as an honor, not just a job. With every new challenge we’re faced with, and every old space we’re tasked to breathe new life into, we bring passion, creativity and our keen visual neurosis. Just as there are craft beer brewers, illustrators, and chefs that are tirelessly pursuing perfection in their trade, we too are artisans in the field of architecture & design, meticulously, carefully pouring over the details of every inch of every space that we create.