Mad Greens

A crazy fresh look

With expansion plans in place Mad Greens needed a space brand redesign to bring version 2.0 to new markets.

Marley Hodgson and Dan Long came to Xan with a strong, existing graphic brand. They wanted our help in creating a fast casual restaurant design that better represented who they are and Mad Greens’ core brand. The company is dedicated to locally sourced, fresh ingredients, with a playful brand voice. The former spaces were a bit bland and didn’t accurately represent the company’s character. We wanted to respect their success and maintain what they had built in terms of customer loyalty. Our goal was to represent the fresh, local farm approach in the space design.

Our design concept introduces natural and industrial materials to reflect the farm fresh vibe. Natural recycled wood, galvanized metal, warehouse lighting, raw finishes, barn style lights and pine wood to evoke crates of fresh vegetables. To make a bolder statement around the Mad Greens message of fresh food, Xan art directed the evolution of the brand to include large scale graphics in the space. This new look for Mad Greens reflects the company’s maturity as a brand. We admire and respect Marley and Dan’s passion for reinventing the fast casual offering to include a healthy option. Xan is proud to be a part of their success.

I know I speak for the entire MG team in saying….awesome job! When Dan and I met Xan the first time, we both felt strongly that they understood what we were after and the vision for the brand refresh we were looking for. Throughout the process that feeling was reinforced and now that we have a finished product, it speaks for itself. The new design really expresses our core values as a company and adds the improved functionality we were looking for. Great job, Xan nailed it! Even better, I know Dan and I and the rest of the team really enjoyed working with the Xan team, and look forward to more great restaurants in the future.

— Marley Hodgson

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