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Home Rescue 911

Who do you call when you’ve started a complete home remodel only to realize your architect designed a home that’s completely out of reach?

Xan! Our clients’ home had been stripped to bare bones; nothing was left but walls and doorways. Unfortunately, their architect had completely lost site of budget and timing. So, we determined exactly what our clients wanted in their remodel – space and updating – and solved the problem by building an addition that served as the master suite, recreating the garage to be a kitchen, updating bathrooms with modern cabinetry and fixtures, and designing custom doors for all rooms. We used the exposed brick and wood floors to warm and balance steel counter tops and steel-framed doorways. In the end, we served as architect, designer and project manager for this remodel project. And best of all, we saved our clients and their home from a design disaster.

“The outcome of this project was beyond our expectations. What simplified the process during a very trying time was the manner in which Xan works: Listening and understanding the way we live. A bonus – providing two color palettes as opposed to the confusion of 100 different color choices. We are so grateful to Xan for coming to our rescue and finishing this project in our vision, and within a budget that we could actually afford.”
— Steven Whitney

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