Snooze Brand Study




The design objective for the initial Snooze was to transform an existing office space into a breakfast and lunch restaurant. On the first location, the main challenges were an aggressive timeline, a build out budget of about $100.00 a square foot, and complex core and shell requirements for an old building that needed total renovation. Through multiple locations with various building types the ongoing challenge is to maintain the branded space design. Xan works hard to strike the right balance by juggling and coordinating multiple team members — owners, architects, engineers, equipment consultants, contractor and sub-contractors, and fabricators.


The Snooze concept, beyond great food, was to create a hip, fresh approach to a diner aesthetic where the cool folks want to hang out, and where Mom and Dad are comfortable too. Energy is created through design, from the flow, to the color palette, to the way people feel when they enter the space. This vibe is reflected in the space design, the service, and the owner’s menu concept. Jon Schlegel wanted the comfort of a neighborhood coffee shop, with a fun and whimsical twist.


Xan’s approach to the initial space brand design was to first respect all of the fantastic elements the building had to offer — brick walls, high ceilings, wood floors. Recognizing the diner concept had been done and redone many times already, Xan chose to evoke a retro-future spin, with old-school diner comfort. The space features an emphasis on custom fixtures with a flare. Restricted budgets demand creativity, Xan smartly integrated brand attributes into the functional items such as booths, lighting and the bar area. This approach has allowed the Snooze brand to evolve and adapt to multiple locations successfully.

“I was so emotionally attached to this project, that when I secured Xan as the designers, it was like, ahh… I don’t have to worry about designing and building my restaurant. I can focus on marketing and the food. For me, knowing I had them was a big deal.”
Snooze Owner Jon Schlegel

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